Monday, January 13, 2014

Eli's First Basketball Game

 Eli is now officially a basketball player!  He has been waiting for this moment for a few years and I think his daddy has been waiting even longer!  He had his first game on Friday and he did great!  This was the first game situation where they had offense and defense so it took a few minutes for all the kiddos to get the hang of whet they were supposed to do.  I really like the Upward program.  At this level there are no refs and no stealing and it is more about learning the game.  The coaches made sure that each player had plenty of opportunities with the ball.  They dribbled down the court and made their shot.  Eli ended up making 3 baskets and each time he would look for us in the crowd with the biggest smile on his face.  He had the best time and is so excited for his next game!  I am so proud of my big guy!
 And as a bonus to all of this, I think Isabel is a natural born cheerleader!  As we were cheering Eli on and reminding him to go to the basket she started jumping up and down saying "Go to the basket, Go to the basket" over and over.  It was too cute!
As the players get introduced they get to run through the cheerleaders!
Then they run around the court and get high fives from everyone!
Ready to start the game!
Dribbling down the court!
Taking a shot!
More dribbling!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Isabel's Big Girl Room

Today we switched out Isabel's crib for her new big girl bed!  She is using the same toddler bed Eli used a few years ago and I used when I was little.  She was very excited for her new Minnie bed! We also hung up her princess, Mickey, and Minnie pictures from her Aunt Jackie.  
Isabel was up early this morning and didn't nap today so she went right to sleep tonight!  Hopefully she sleeps through the night and this trend continues!
Checking out her bed!
Of course we had to play in it for a bit!
Her new pictures!
Her new princess mirror from grandma and papa
So silly!
All tucked in for bed tonight!
Such a good girl, went right to sleep!
Love you sweet Isabel!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Ups and Downs

What a weekend.  It was full of super exciting highs and some very low lows.  We celebrated the highs and survived the lows.
It all started last Friday with Isabel running a fever and having a raspy voice.  Her fever wasn't too high but by the afternoon she had a cough that just sounded off.  Eli already had a Dr appointment as a follow up to he ear infection, sinus infection and tonsillitis from 2 weeks ago so I called them to see if Isabel could come in too.  I am so glad she was able to be seen because she had croup.  She got a steroid to take take to help keep her airways open and we were instructed to give her Robitussin morning and night for 5 days and to do a 20 minute steam shower each night before bed.  They also told us that if she showed any signs that she was struggling to breath to go right to the ER.
Poor girl felt miserable

We also had something exciting happen on Friday.  The boys got bunk beds!  We have been talking about this for a little while and wanting to make some room for their toys.  I also wanted to get them in before Eli's 2 week fall break from school coming up.  The boys didn't know that Mike was building them on Friday and were super excited at bedtime when they saw them!
Super excited about their new beds!
Isabel was feeling pretty good Saturday morning.  I had to snap a picture of her little horns. :-)

Saturday was a very fun day!  It was Mike's 32nd birthday as well as the day we got to find out if baby #4 is a boy or a girl.  I had my ultrasound on Thursday October 3rd but Mike wasn't able to go since he needed to get Eli to school.  I decided I didn't want to find out without him and thought it would be fun to find out with the kids too.  So I had the ultrasound tech right out boy or girl on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope.  I took that envelope to a bakery and had them bake a cake that was either pink or blue on the inside.  We invited the grandparents over for lunch on Mike's birthday and had our special cake for desert.  I have never been so excited to cut into a cake before!
Our cake from Taylor's Bakery
We got a little peak of the color on the knife!
It's pink!!
Best cake ever!  It could have tasted like cardboard and it still would have been the best cake ever!
We are all excited for another baby girl! I was really hoping for a sister for Isabel!
The excited Grandmas
After cake Daddy got to open his birthday presents!

 Saturday night Jude started to get a raspy voice and a low fever.  This is exactly how Isabel's croup started so we were watching it.  He woke up at 4:00 Sunday morning burning up and having a difficult time breathing.  I gave him some Motrin and we headed to the ER.  I explained his symptoms and that Isabel had croup.  They agreed with me that he had croup too.  They gave him a one dose steroid to help his airways open up and some Tylenol to help bring his fever down and then sent us back home.  We got back home at 5:30am and Jude was exhausted but I didn't want to put him back in his bed so we camped out on the couches.  I turned on a movie for him but he fell asleep pretty quickly.  I was hoping to be able to fall back asleep too but a little before 6:00 Isabel woke up coughing.  I brought her downstairs with us but she wasn't into going back to sleep so we finished watching Epic and then a few Paw Patrol episodes.
Throughout the day Sunday Jude and Isabel both had bursts of energy and would be ready to play but they would quickly crash and not feel well.
Poor Jude at the ER
One of her many naps downstairs over the weekend
Sunday night Eli started in with a little fever and we were worried that he would wake up with croup as well.  Monday morning his fever was 101.5 and he had a cough but not the same croupy cough and raspy voice Jude and Isabel had.  The fever was still hanging around Monday afternoon so I decided to take him into the Dr to at least get a doctor not for school since he would have to be missing on Tuesday as well.  Our pediatrician said he had croup as well just not as bad as the other 2.  Luckily he and Jude were both feeling much better on Tuesday.  Jude still has a lingering cough but it isn't too bad.  Isabel seems to have had it the worst.  Her cough is finally starting to not be so constant today (Wednesday) and this is the first day she hasn't needed Motrin.  Croup is a rough illness but we seem to be moving past it.

Now I am excited to plan for our new baby girl!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Purdue Homecoming 2013

 Today we took the kids up to Purdue for homecoming!  We haven't been to a football game in 3 years and this was the first time we have taken the kids to homecoming.  It was such a great day!  We got to walk around campus for a little bit and show the kids some different things and we even stopped by Glenwood where I lived while at Purdue!  It was fun seeing the house, the girls that live there now, and running into some friends that I haven't seen in awhile.  Purdue is such a wonderful place and Glenwood holds a special place in my heart!
The kids had a blast at the game even though it did not end the way we had hoped.  We stayed till half time and then decided to head home.  Everyone was having a great time but Isabel was starting to get tired and all 3 kids were getting hot sitting in the sun.  It truly was a wonderful day and I hope to do it again soon!

Purdue Homecoming 2013
Stopping at Glenwood
The Engineering Fountain
My little Boilers!
Eli Purdue Pete
Driving the train

Jude Driving the train!
Isabel driving the train
Jude Purdue Pete

Isabel the cheerleader!
Isabel Purdue Pete

The World's Largest Drum
Checking out the Neil Armstrong Building

the moon!

Just hanging out with Neil Armstrong
the game!
The boys had a blast!
Me and my sleepy girl!!
Love these cool little Boilers!